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Clothes and shoes
for all shapes!

On this site you will find information about online shops in Europe and in the USA selling:

Clothes for tall women / Clothes for tall men
Clothes for short women / Clothes for short men
Clothes in plus sizes / Clothes in small sizes
Large size shoes / Small size shoes / Wide fit shoes
Narrow Width fit shoes
Maternity clothes / Tailor-made clothes

Whether you are tall, short, petite and/or plus sized,
you should find what you are looking for!

It’s a fact and we speak from our own experience: the online shops offer more options than the physical shops when it comes to clothes and shoes in odd sizes. This is a pity! When you buy clothes and shoes, you probably feel more confident when you can try them on in a real shop to see if they fit. We feel so too! But the reality is like it is and if you happen to be tall, short, plus sized, have large, small or wide feet, you might have experienced the difficulty in finding clothes and shoes well suited for YOUR size.

On this site, you will find information about webshops selling clothes and shoes in small, large, wide and plus sizes and online stores offering maternity clothes and tailor-made clothes.

We have divided the categories into two geographical main areas; shops in Europe and shops in the USA.

We do hope that our information will help you finding a good oline store with shoes and clothes in your special size!

Before you make a purchase, do check the sizing charts for the products you select in the respectively shops. These sizing guides are of various quality. Some of them are really good, some of them could be much better. We have different size standards in different countries, which is quite confusing. Therefore, it is recommended that you measure your body and feet prior to order to minimize the risk of ordering a wrong size. Compare your measurements with the sizing charts. If you feel uncertain, write an e-mail to the shop or call them for advice!

If you have any questions or want to comment anything on this site, please feel welcome with a mail. Kindly use the contact form found under the headline “Contact Us” in the menu bar at the top of this site.

We wish you good luck with your online shopping! And always remember: You are UNIQUE!! Be proud of yourself, you are worth it!